Thursday, September 26, 2013


Vini - Come

Come on a journey with me, it involves raising money. But even more so, it involves faces. It involves names. It involves people who God loves.

Come on a journey with me, I'll post pictures and stories of my adventures. There will be smiling faces of my old students. They will be missing teeth, sassier, and two years older. There will be sad pictures of sick babies if there needs to be, but hopefully more happy pictures of mommas who hear good news, or get the right medicine, or have healthy babies, or a healthy baby growing inside of them. There will be pictures of old friends that some of you know in person, and some of you know through stories and pictures.

Come on a journey with me, I'll give you names of families and children that need prayer. I'll put my hand on them and pray for them right then and there, and send you the details and pictures.

Here is how to help...

I need to raise roughly $1500.

$1000 for flights there and back.
$200 for living there
$300 for emergency money

Because I am not going with a church group, just myself, you will notice that the cost breakdown is a lot less specified. That is because the flights take up most of the cost, and there will be unexpected things. The emergency money will first and foremost be used to fill needs.

When I am assisting at Bethesda, the medical clinic, if I meet a someone who needs to go to the hospital, I will be able to give them money to go there. If there is some sort of extra expense on the compound, money will go to help with that repair. If there is a need at the school, I will be able to help fill it. Any extra money that I do not use during my 13 days in Haiti will be given to Kate Zlotnicki, the missionary I will be staying with, to use as she sees fit.

If you want to help through fulfilling my monetary needs, you can do so by sending me money through check or through PayPal (sent as a gift). Because of the nature of this trip, I am unable to send a tax deductible form, since I am not a nonprofit organization. I hope that you still would prayerfully consider supporting me regardless.

You can also help support me and my trip by purchasing items through my Etsy shop. For each item purchased, $5 goes directly towards supporting me financially for my trip.

If you do not have the financial stability to be able to support me financially, I understand, and I am glad that you recognize that you need to be wise with your finances. I need you to pray.

Prayer requests:

  • For the money for the plane tickets ($1000). It is crucial that I obtain this sum of money by the middle of November. That is so I can order my plane tickets for the desired dates and still have seats.
  • For the missionaries in the field. Pray that I will be able to be of assistance and not hinderance to them
  • For appointments. I will need to be seen again by my travel Doctor to receive my Typhoid vaccination. I will also need to obtain antimalarials and antibiotics to keep me healthy while in Haiti.
  • For school. This semester thing is stressful. Pray that I don't lose sight of what I am working for. I am working for God and His glory. I am thankful that He has blessed me with the opportunity to return to Cap Haitian to serve alongside such faithful hearts once again.

I am planning to leave Erie January 7th and arrive in Haiti January 8th. I will leave Haiti January 20th, and return to Erie January 21st. For overnights I plan to do the un-fun thing of staying in the airport. I have done it once, I will survive doing it twice.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means so much to me.

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