Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of Late

My bed is littered with things that I hope to get done. It's 9:04 PM and my cat is helping me type. I have notes to write for a class, a blanket I've been crocheting, and notes on a very important talk that I am going to give.

Exciting things have happened since school has started. A story was written on my trip to Haiti for Mercyhurst's website. The day that the story went up was the first day of classes, but with it entailed some very exciting emails. One of them I will tell you about.

This Friday, I will be speaking to a class of freshmen about my trip to Haiti to enrich their understanding of a book that they read for class. The book is "Breath, Eyes, Memory" by Edwidge Danticat. The story takes place outside of Port au Prince, but the professor has asked me to come and speak on my experience in Haiti. I asked the professor to have the students generate questions that they would like me to answer. This is mostly because it is incredibly difficult for me to speak about Haiti because everything about it is a big blur of experiences. I received the list of questions today, and I am SO EXCITED to speak to them.

The questions range from obvious --- What is Haiti like? What kinds of food did you eat? How did you communicate? Is there still effects from the earthquake? --- to more in depth --- What are schools like for children? What are women's roles in society? What do Haitians do for fun?

I am praising God for this wonderful opportunity to speak on one of my passions and to spread knowledge about a country that few American college students know much about. My prayer is that I will not bore the students and that maybe their heart will be stirred to serve Haiti as well.